Celebrating 45 Years of Excellence!

At Intec Sales Co. our ambition is to routinely be the most professional, educated, and experienced manufacturer’s representatives in the plastics industry. While providing the best equipment available, to meet our customer’s requirements and end goals.

Intec represents a variety of dynamic companies to better serve their customers.....

Shibaura Machine

A leading global manufacturer of precision injection molding machines.


The leading independent manufacturer of Cartesian robots in Europe and America for automating injection molding machines.


One of the largest suppliers of plastics auxiliary equipment in the industry.

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Services We Provide

Intec partners with their customers to determine the best solutions for their business. Whether it be lowering cycle times or improving cooling processes , we are here to help you apply new technologies to improve business results.

Properly installed equipment is paramount to successful operation.  Intec works closely with our principals to ensure equipment is designed properly allows for painless installs. Partnering with third party installers, we can help our customers ensure that they are using their shop floor space efficiently.

Our innovations contribute jointly to attaining your needs and addressing your concerns. Leading the way to a continued competitive edge through reliable products.